Month: March 2019

What’s Happening in the Neuse 2019Mar18?

Hi all,

With flows just above average, the Neuse is starting to look more like an estuary, a really fresh estuary but at least with some salt at all the lower stations. Moderate chlorophyll values of ~20 were patchily distributed throughout the mid/lower estuary.

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What’s Happening in the Neuse River 2019Mar07?

Hi all,

Unbelievably, the estuary is fresher now than what we measured ten days after Hurricane Florence. Temperatures are cool and DO is high throughout the estuary. chl-a was generally less than 20 throughout the estuary except for a thin aggregation along the pycnocline at the lower stations. The dinoflagellate, Prorocentrum minimum, is famous for this and has been abundant for the last few trips.



Alex Houshell Wins 2019 UNC Impact Award

Doctoral Student- Alex Houshell wins 2019 Impact Award

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