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What’s Happening in the Neuse River 2019Apr16?

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Not much has changed on the Neuse. It’s still much fresher than normal. There is a small bolus of high salinity bottom water at station 160, but that’s likely intruding from the intercoastal waterway. High chlorophyll (~30 ug/L) and turbidity  occurred near the surface at station 100, and microscopy identified high concentrations of the diatom Aulacoseira sp., and a high concentrations of several cryptophyte species. These phytoplankton are non-toxic and considered “good” phytoplankton that tend to contribute energy to higher trophic levels.

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Cyanos in Lake Erie

We are heading to lake Erie!

Whats Happening in the Neuse River 2019Apr04?

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For the first time since Hurricane Florence, the estuary has some salt upstream of the bend at Cherry Point (station 120). The lower estuary is moderately stratified but the water is still cool and dissolved oxygen is > 8 mg/L throughout the estuary. There was a front between stations 60 and 70 with strong downstream gradients of temperature, pH, Chlorophyll fluorescence, and a spike in turbidity at station 70.



Top Feature Article of 2018 Award- ES&T

Mitigating the Expansion of Harmful Algal Blooms Across the Freshwater-to-Marine Continuum,  Hans W. Paerl, Timothy G. Otten, and Raphael Kudela

Has been awarded the top feature article of 2018 by Environment Science & Technology Journal.

Check it out

Paerl et al ES&T CyanoHABs along Continuum 2018

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