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NSF Awards

NSF - National Science FoundationThe entire Paerl Lab would like to congratulate both students,  Haley Plaas and Malcolm Barnard for their recent accomplishments. Haley was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, which you can read more about here and Malcolm received an Honorable Mention for his application.  Way to go!

Click the links below to see their proposals.



Felix Evans Honor Thesis

For her honors thesis Felix prepares  a bioassay where she  hopes to determine a relationship between harmful algal bloom formation and changes to salinity in the Chowan River of coastal North Carolina, in light of climate change-driven changes to hydrologic event patterns.

Taking a Secchi measurement in the Chowan River to determine clarity

Mixing nutrient additions for the bioassay









Click the link below to see the effort Felix is putting into her bioassay; she works quickly

Felix Evans Bioassay Video


Top Feature Article of 2018 Award- ES&T

Mitigating the Expansion of Harmful Algal Blooms Across the Freshwater-to-Marine Continuum,  Hans W. Paerl, Timothy G. Otten, and Raphael Kudela

Has been awarded the top feature article of 2018 by Environment Science & Technology Journal.

Check it out

Paerl et al ES&T CyanoHABs along Continuum 2018

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