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Felix Evans Honor Thesis

For her honors thesis Felix prepares  a bioassay where she  hopes to determine a relationship between harmful algal bloom formation and changes to salinity in the Chowan River of coastal North Carolina, in light of climate change-driven changes to hydrologic event patterns.

Taking a Secchi measurement in the Chowan River to determine clarity

Mixing nutrient additions for the bioassay









Click the link below to see the effort Felix is putting into her bioassay; she works quickly

Felix Evans Bioassay Video


Top Feature Article of 2018 Award- ES&T

Mitigating the Expansion of Harmful Algal Blooms Across the Freshwater-to-Marine Continuum,  Hans W. Paerl, Timothy G. Otten, and Raphael Kudela

Has been awarded the top feature article of 2018 by Environment Science & Technology Journal.

Check it out

Paerl et al ES&T CyanoHABs along Continuum 2018

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