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Felix Evans receives Mary and Watts Hill, Jr. Student Internship Award

I’m an environmental science major heading into my senior year at UNC Chapel Hill. I have minors in Marine Science and Chinese. I have participated in conservation-related field work throughout my undergraduate career, beginning with a summer of ecology research at the Flathead Lake Biological Station in Glacier National Park, followed by 7 months of renewable energy research in Thailand, and most recently, during my semester at UNC IMS carrying out research for my senior honors thesis. I will be continuing this research at IMS with the help of the Mary and Watts Hill Student Internship Fund. Through this work, I hope to determine a relationship between harmful algal bloom formation and changes to salinity in the estuaries of coastal North Carolina, in light of climate change-driven changes to hydrologic event patterns. Thanks to funding and support from the Mary and Watts Hill Fund, I can continue to pursue my passion and develop my understanding of the natural world for a future career in sustainability.

Welcome to the Coastal and Environmental and Microbiological Processes Lab

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Sciences Coastal Environmental and Microbiological Processes Lab consists of graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and technicians working on a variety of research projects addressing nutrient production dynamics of aquatic microbes at the base of the estuarine and coastal food webs. The Paerl Lab research focuses on environmental controls of algal (planktonic and benthic) production and community structure, as well as, the assessment of causes and consequences of human-induced eutrophication of rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal oceans.

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