What happening on the Neuse?

Hi all,
Catching up again. Attached are the three figures showing conditions from mid-July to the end of August. Up until the last Neuse run conditions were typical for summertime under low/moderate flows. Salinity was 5ish around New Bern and 15-20ish at the mouth. Stratification was strong and bottom water hypoxia was present throughout much of the estuary. Conditions looked very different on 27 Aug following three days of brisk NE winds and cooler temperatures associated with an offshore subtropical low. Waters throughout the estuary were mixed up and cooled significantly. A small pocket of warm, hypoxic bottom water remained in the upstream area around New Bern that was sheltered from the NE winds (my guess). There were no significant bloom events.

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  1. Nick Edwards

    We went crabbing on September 1st in new Bern and caught a shrimp in the net ! The water smells very salty

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