The Paerl Lab was back in the Bay Delta, CA last week! Hans Paerl, Leah Nelson, Alex Sabo, and Haley Plaas were working to continue Haley’s dissertation research which focuses on assessing the linkage between nutrient enrichment, phytoplankton community composition, cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom toxin production, and aerosol formation in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River/Bay Delta estuarine ecosystem. This research was accomplished by completing a combination of aerosol measurements and a nutrient addition bioassay experiment.  For this trip, an additional nutrient was added to the bioassay: NH4 and NH4 + P! We will be sure to keep you updated as we analyze the data from these experiments.

Special thanks to all of our collaborators at CA-DWR, USGS, and Restore the Delta (and more)!