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Lake Erie Research – June 2022

Over the past week, members of the Paerl Lab were busy at Lake Erie in Put-In-Bay, Ohio as part of a research project called the Lake Erie Center for the Great Lakes and Human Health Project supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The Paerl Lab partners with Justin Chaffin of the F. T. Stone Laboratory Ohio Sea Grant School of Environment and Natural Resources at Ohio State University as well as Chris Ward who is a professor at Bowling Green State University, and his students. Hans Paerl, Karen Rossignol and Randy Sloup were accompanied by Madison Sholes, our Scientific Communication Intern, to collect samples and conduct a bioassay. While at Lake Erie, Hans also gave a talk about eutrophication to students and faculty at the Stone Lab. We are excited to go back to Lake Erie in August to conduct another bioassay for this project! Thank you to all of our scientific collaborators which make this research possible!

Research at Lake Erie 2021

This past week, some members of the Paerl lab traveled up to Put-In-Bay, Ohio on Lake Erie to conduct groundbreaking bioassays and aerosol investigations! Graduate students, Malcolm Barnard and Haley Plaas, were busy during the week and look forward to sharing their results soon! BIG thank you to scientists from the University of Toledo, University of Tennessee, the Ohio State University, and Bowling Green State University for their assistance during the course of the week! Check out the photos below for science being enriching and fun!



It’s Blooming in Lake Erie

Our lab troops (Malcolm, Haley, Jeremy) are currently  conducting nutrient bioassays, determining which nutrients are responsible for the current toxic cyanobacterial bloom spreading through Lake Erie (see URL below). This is part of the NSF-NIH supported Oceans and Human Health Lake Erie Center, that we are part of.  Talk about good timing!!

Check out this news clip:

Lake Erie’s toxic algal bloom spreads, prompting warnings







Lake Erie Research










Greetings from Gibraltar Island, Ohio State Univ. Lab, out in Lake Erie, where we’re getting our first bioassay set up with Maumee Bay and Sandusky Bay water… Great weather here after a set of T-storms came through last nite.  Hopefully good weather this week.

Cheers, Karen, Haley, Malcolm and Hans

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