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“Alegae”, the Beverage of Choice for the Lake Erie Project

Dr. Hans Paerl was gifted the new beverage of choice for the Lake Erie Project. “Creature from the Alegae Bloom” is brewed by Maumee Bay Brewing Company

It’s Blooming in Lake Erie

Our lab troops (Malcolm, Haley, Jeremy) are currently  conducting nutrient bioassays, determining which nutrients are responsible for the current toxic cyanobacterial bloom spreading through Lake Erie (see URL below). This is part of the NSF-NIH supported Oceans and Human Health Lake Erie Center, that we are part of.  Talk about good timing!!

Check out this news clip:

Lake Erie’s toxic algal bloom spreads, prompting warnings







The Second Trip to Lake Erie


Cracking open a cold one


The Green machine


Malcolm and Wei jin


More Cyanos

Bu the vampire


Cyano Swirls

More Lake Erie Project Photos!

Lake Erie Research










Greetings from Gibraltar Island, Ohio State Univ. Lab, out in Lake Erie, where we’re getting our first bioassay set up with Maumee Bay and Sandusky Bay water… Great weather here after a set of T-storms came through last nite.  Hopefully good weather this week.

Cheers, Karen, Haley, Malcolm and Hans

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