CyanoHAB video showing the critically necessary research to reduce the expansion of harmful algal blooms



Dimensions: Collaborative Research: “The Cyanobacterial Bloom Microbial Interactome”




The Lake Erie Center Project (NSF-NIH-Oceans and Human Health Program)


NSF Discoveries: Lake Erie’s toxic algae blooms: Why is the water turning green?

Bowling Green State University Great Lakes Center for Fresh Water and Human Health



PhD student Haley Plaas Thesis Project: Asphyxiation by Algae

Click Here for a UNC “In Pursuit” article about Haley’s work titled ” Algal Blooms Pose Possible Respiratory Threat”



↑  PhD student Malcolm Barnard Thesis Project: CyanoHABS in Freshwater Systems


 Fighting Algal Blooms ()



↑  Lake Taihu, China Studies (Past and Present)


UNC Jordan Lake Nutrient Management Study

Collaborative Research: Reevaluating Pre-denitrification BNR for Low Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Nitrogen and its Impact on Phytoplankton Bloom Dynamics in Coastal Waters